Toning with Pilates

We can help you better your body with Pilates training in Cheltenham.

Pilates is well-known for helping to improve posture, reducing back pain, improve flexibility, better mobility, increasing stability, improving respiratory and circulatory systems, reducing stress levels, and improving body tone (amongst many other benefits!).  Loved by millions worldwide, this type of training is low impact, and provides a huge number of physical, mental and spiritual advantages.

Shape Your Body

Do you want to tone your arms, tummy, legs and bum? Look no further – Pilates will help change your body shape for the better, gently building muscle and helping to tighten your entire body.

Improve Your Posture

Do you sit at a desk for much of the day, or spend what seems like hours picking up the kids? You may have noticed your posture suffering – rounded shoulders, struggling to sit up straight and stand tall? Pilates is famous for helping improve posture; we will get you feeling more confident in simply the way you hold yourself.

Reduce Your Back Pain

Are you noticing that niggling in your lower back a little more everyday? Do you find routine tasks difficult because of that annoying back pain? Our training will help to stretch out achy muscles whilst strengthening key body parts to help better your back pain – for good.

Strengthen Your Core

Want to flatten your tummy and lose your muffin top? We will help improve and strengthen your entire core from the inside out with Pilates; helping you tone that tum and give you more strength for everyday tasks, like picking up the kids and dashing around in your busy lifestyle.

Fix Your Pelvic Floor

Do you struggle to cough without crossing your legs? Is it nearly impossible for you to wait before going to the loo? Whether you’re a new mum, an older mum or a mummy to be, we can help you fix weakened pelvic floor muscles with sympathetic and friendly

Help With Injury Rehabilitation

If you’re starting to get back into exercise after some time off due to injury, we can help ease you back into it whilst strengthening those weakened and once-damaged muscles.

Feel Stress Free

Are you overworked and constantly feeling overwhelmed by life? Do you feel always stressed and frazzled? Breathing and calm, controlled movements are an integral part of Pilates. By encouraging good breathing practices whilst exercising and with time spent on relaxation techniques too, our Pilates clients take these teachings away and are able to apply them to everyday life.

Pilates will truly help YOU to feel more toned, stronger, healthier and calmer – so what are you waiting for?


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