Emma*, Fitcamp Member

I feel great – not just about my body, but my mind and soul too…

I have always dabbled with my going to the gym and doing classes. I’ve probably been a member of every gym in Gloucestershire – I’ve even had a personal trainer before – however I have always got bored and didn’t ever stick to going or integrating it properly into my life as there was always something more important to be doing; however it all changed when I met Sam and joined her bootcamp at Simply Gym in Cheltenham.

I could barely do a press up on my knees to begin with, however now I can do them on my toes!

I weighed 11stone 4 when I started and the 3 week nutrition plan has really changed my mindset towards the quantity and types of food groups my body actually needs. I’ve always been a healthy eater but loved carbs, dairy and wine. Since cutting these out of my diet I feel so much better, more energised and generally healthier. I still have gin and tonic as a treat but really try and stay away from the wine as it bloats me and gives me horrendous hangovers.

During the 6 week fitcamp Sam has been so motivating, the group of ladies that also joined are lovely and I genuinely look forward to my 5am starts. I now weigh 10stone 8 and my mission is to loose another stone healthily. My body is much stronger, leaner and on a (VERY) good day I even have a few abdominals making an appearance. I feel great – not just about my body, but my mind and soul also feel like they have had a workout. I can’t wait for the next bootcamp to start in a weeks time and I’m also adding a PT session with Sam once a week to achieve my ultimate goals.

Thank you so much Sam you really are amazing, real, down to earth and a lovely person! I would absolutely recommend Sam to anyone with any fitness or weight goals; she really is the best around.

*Name changed for client anonymity 

Sally, busy professional

I am fitter than I have been in years, I have a routine of exercise that I love and stick to and I have lost weight and inches. Sam made my journey fun, interesting and I couldn’t have done it without her.

I started having personal one-to-one training sessions with Sam (Cheltenham Women’s Fitness) in January 2016, after a festive season of induglence which left me feeling overweight and unfit. Although I did exercise quite regularly before this, I hadn’t got into a routine with my exercise or nutrition which I was really benefitting from. I would be eat healthily and exercise in the week, then undo all the hard work with over excess in the weekend, so I never felt like I was changing my body as efficiently as I should have been given the amount of exercise I was doing.

I began doing one training session a week, and quickly progressed to two one hour sessions with Sam, combined with between 2-3 hours of other exercise including boot camp sessions, running and zumba. In the first month I really felt the difference, losing inches of fat and feeling a lot fitter than I did. The sessions combined cardio vascular work with body weighted exercises, and as I progressed we started using weights as well.

Along with the training, Sam oversaw my nutrition, giving lots of advise on food choices, recipes, and how my nutrition complimented my training. I dicovered I was eating far too many carbohydrates and not enough protein, and therefore not losing weight, and my attitude to my diet has significantly changed.

Six months later I am fitter than I have been in years, I have a routine of exercise that I love and stick to and I have lost weight and inches. Sam made my journey fun, interesting and I couldn’t have done it without her. Each session was challenging, Sam really cared about my individual needs and situation, and we had lots of laughs which made the process easy. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone.

Rosin, mum and works full time

My size 16 trousers were getting too tight. Something had to change. It has changed my life.

My journey started nearly 2 yrs ago, my daughter was just over 2 and one day I was changing into my uniform, my work trousers were getting tighter and I realised that my size 16 trousers needed replacing. I made a decision that day, if I didn’t do something now it would only get harder, that I just wasn’t going to wake up one day and have lost weight.

I started watching what I was eating and swimming a couple of times a week. This got me started but I soon lost the will power and motivation that I needed to carry on my journey. I then read an article in a magazine about the fitness classes on offer and decided to take the plunge and try a different exercise. Around this time I was also having terrible trouble walking long distances and after an MRI scan I was told I had Osteoarthritis in my hips, this was the added push I needed to lose weight and get fit.

Roisin-fitcamp-page I was the most unfit in the group but there wasn’t the pressure to compete with each other which made me feel much more comfortable giving it my all. Everyone thought I was crazy getting up 3 times a week at 6am. But this is the best bit I have done my exercise and feel amazing by the time I get to work in the morning.

The whole package is amazing, CWF fitcamp and the other ladies are always encouraging no matter what, the food plan is amazing and really tasty – there really is no need to be hungry and the exercise is not a beasting, it is structured and monitored. We grow in strength and my body shape is changing, I love it.

My relationship with food is so different now, where as before I always thought about food, now I enjoy it but its really only fuel. I think about everything I go to eat; I make the right choices at least 90% of the time.My starting weight was 14 stone and dress size 16/18 I now weigh 10 stone and finally got into a size 10 dress for my Christmas party. Love my little black dresses.

I can’t put into words how incredible I feel and how I feel about fitcamp. By sharing my story I it hope inspires another woman who is feeling how I felt 18 months ago.

The CWF fitcamp is an amazing group, I have made some great friends who encourage me & support me. I hated the idea of gyms and some exercise classes as I felt so out of place but not with CWF – it is a fun way to exercise with great people, no pressure everyone is an individual and it works!! I AM HOOKED! I will never stop.

Claire, 34, Solicitor

I have always hated exercise and I am quite shy. YFFF was different plus I now never count a calorie.

Claire-members-stories I joined CWF Fitcamp in April 2013. I’ve never really done any exercise before and when I did try it, I hated it. Back in April, I was very unhappy with my body after over-indulging and not taking care of myself. I felt podgy, ugly and low. This was causing the usual spring-time panic about the approaching summer – I was actually dreading the warm weather and my beach holiday because I was so unhappy with how I looked.

When I told my husband that I was about to embark on yet another diet, he said “why don’t you try exercise instead of starving yourself” and for some reason (even though he”s said it many times before!) it hit home. I think I was sick of the diets – I love food and I love cooking and to me, counting calories takes all the fun out of life.

So that was the first step – wanting to make a change and learn to enjoy exercise. The next step was finding the right way to do it. I hate the gym, so that was out. It”s too impersonal , clinical and intimidating. But on the other hand I am quite shy and I find new groups of people difficult, so group exercise is also a challenge for me (you can begin to see why I have avoided exercise for so long…!)

I did some research online, looking for something that might suit me and I stumbled across the fitcamp. I had a good feeling about it straight away. Women only, friendly, encouraging – the enthusiasm just springs out at you. There were even evening classes that fitted with the time I usually finish work, so it seemed like it was meant to be

The rest is history. I have lost over a stone and I feel amazing. Most amazing of all is that I haven”t dieted. I have eaten good food (on the whole – we all have a naughty days) but I haven’t counted a calorie or a Weight Watchers point in 7 months. Not only have I lost weight, but my whole body shape has changed (I have a waist!). I have been this weight before (by starving myself), but I can’t remember the last time I felt this comfortable in my own skin.

CWF provides so much support outside of the exercise sessions, too. I have been going through some personal stuff and our coach, Sam is one of only a handful of people I’ve told about it and she”s supporting me and giving me advice. She really, genuinely cares about “her ladies” as she calls us – you would never get that in a gym.


I hadn’t exercised for 20yrs and I was getting married. YFFF helped me to shift 2.5 stone in a couple of months and it has stayed off.

I was a very comfortable size 14 (well, squeezing into size 14 clothes!). I always excused myself as a curvy woman with boobs and bum and had done no exercise since I left school nearly 20 years ago (apart from the odd drunken dance). I had a few unexplained medical issues including some really troublesome skin conditions, which I had been told there was no cure for. I also suered with chronic migraines since I was 14 and at one point I had so much time off work I nearly lost my career. I thought my diet was fairly healthy but knew my secret love of wine and chocolate was not!

Members-Stories-bottom I was getting married in a few months and had a wedding dress that I could not fit into and knew something had to change – I had nothing to lose!

I went to the first session on my own and was made to feel so welcome by all the lovely ladies. Not going to lie – it hurt after a few days but think it was well deserved after 20 years of not exercising!! I couldn’t believe how much my body changed in just 14 days. The combination of making small changes to my diet and doing regular exercise had a massive impact on my life I felt amazing and the weight was falling off! Everyone started to say how well I looked so it was an easy decision to sign up.

By the time I got married I had lost 2 1/2 stone and was wearing size 10 clothes for the first time in years and my wedding dress had to be taken in!

Since I have been going to fitcamp my skin conditions have almost totally disappeared and I have not had a single migraine – I’m proud to say that I don’t use any pharmaceutical medication anymore and I am no longer being treated by my GP or the hospital.

The CWF Fitcamp has done soooo much to change me not just in my physical appearance and mental well being – it has transformed my medical health too!! It’s thanks to CWF and the other truly inspirational ladies that I have been able to achieve so much. And life is awesome!!